Discurso del Primer Ministro

Statement by Mr. Manuel Marrero Cruz, Prime Minister of the Republic of Cuba, at the Eurasian Intergovernmental Council

H.E. Mr. Askar Mamin, Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

H.E. Mr. Ulukbek Maripov, Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic;

Excellencies, Heads of Governments and Delegations;

I thank the invitation conveyed by Kazakhstan, in its condition as President Pro Tempore of the Eurasian Economic Union, to participate in this meeting; and I would like to recognize the organizational work carried out by the Eurasian Economic Commission and the Chairman of its Board, H.E. Mr. Mikhail Myasnikovich.

Allow me to convey, from Cuba, fraternal greetings to the Kyrgyz people and government, which are hosting this important Council session.

Once again, the epidemiological situation in Cuba and the world has prevented our in-person participation in this event, as we had wanted.

Since our last meeting in April this year, the aggressions and hostility by the US government against Cuba have increased. Joseph Biden’s administration has decided not only to maintain but strengthen the package of unilateral coercive measures against Cuba that President Donald Trump, in an opportunistic, deliberate and cruel way reinforced in the midst of the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic in my country.

We appreciate the support offered by your States to the Resolution entitled “Necessity of ending the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the government of the United States against Cuba” presented at the United Nations General Assembly on June 23 last, the vote of which evidenced, once again, the overwhelming support by the international community to this just claim.

In addition to the blockade, a policy that violates International Law and the UN Charter, there have been the harmful effects caused to our economy after more than 16 months struggling against the pandemic; the decrease in our revenues due to the dramatic fall of tourism and the negative impact of climate change, which has had a major effect on agriculture.


During the last few months, as part of the campaign against Cuba, a political and media operation,  funded by the US government,  has been launched with the purpose of destabilizing our country, which have also led to the commission of acts of extreme actions, such as the terrorist attack perpetrated against our embassy in Paris.

After the social unrest and the acts of vandalism occurred in the capital and other regions of the country on July 11 last, the current situation is that of absolute civil order and our institutions have kept on working as usual.

But Cuba continues to be the target of fake reports that circulate through the social networks claiming an alleged continuation of social unrest in the country, the commission of acts of repression and arbitrary detentions, which have been echoed by some international media of a well-known ultra-rightist character.

All of that has been is part of a scheme tried by the United States against Cuba and other sister nations on numerous occasions. The peoples and governments of Belarus and Russia have been the target of similar operations and are aware of the risks they represent.

On behalf of our people and government I thank the numerous expressions of support evidenced through the donation of foodstuffs,  medicines and logistics  as well as the continued expressions of solidarity from the States that are members of the Union and I reaffirm that Cuba will continue to defend its socialist , democratic and social justice State; it will persist in the construction of an independent, sovereign, democratic, prosperous and sustainable nation and will continue to be a country of peace, committed to solidarity and the wellbeing of all peoples of the world.


With the purpose of continuing to promote international cooperation and solidarity in an ever more complex world, Cuba reaffirms its commitment to develop economic, commercial, financial and cooperative relations with the Eurasian Economic Union and all its member States, to which we are united by strong bonds of friendship and brotherhood.

We attach special relevance to the advancement of exchanges among different sectors and the consolidation of our work in the areas of common interest that we share with the countries of the Union. One of the priorities of our respective agendas should be the struggle against the COVID-19 pandemic, which has unleashed a multi-sectoral crisis and is posing a challenge to the development of our nations. We strongly believe that only through our joint efforts we will be able to stop the spread of this pandemic and minimize its consequences.

Guided by this principle, we reiterate our interest in advancing towards an effective exchange with the member States of the Union by placing at their disposal the experience of Cuban professionals in the control of the disease as well as the results of the scientific research carried out to prevent and treat it.

Likewise, I ratify Cuba’s interest in promoting the active participation of Eurasian entrepreneurs in investment projects in our country; increasing and diversifying exports of goods and services and implementing joint projects in a number of areas, particularly those related to the prospecting and exploitation of hydrocarbons; the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry; agriculture; transportation and the steel and mechanical industry.

I reiterate our willingness to strengthen our relations in the field of tourism, with emphasis on the modalities of corporate and health tourism, according to the characteristics of the markets of member States, and taking advantage of the experience acquired in this field through our joint work with the Russian Federation.


We ratify Cuba’s unswerving determination to cooperate in the implementation of the strategic guidelines for the development of the Eurasian economic integration by the year 2025 and work to implement the 2021-2026 Joint Cooperation Program aimed at the implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding between Cuba and the Eurasian Economic Commission, which are completely in line with our country’s Economic and Social Development Plan by the year 2030.

We are convinced that together we will be able to cope with the challenges imposed by present times and that, by closely cooperating with each other, our countries will be able to guarantee the wellbeing of our peoples, thus showing that a better world is possible.

Thank you, very much.