Privileges and Immunities of the Accredited Diplomatic Corps

The Republic of Cuba recognizes the privileges and immunities in the Conventions of Vienna on Diplomatic Relations of 18 April 1961 and on Consular Relations of 24 April 1963, if which it is a signee, provided that they do not contravene national legislation.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs accredits personnel appointed by governments as their diplomatic personnel, administrative, technical and service staff and consular personnel, along with their dependent relatives.  

The following are recognized as dependent relatives: legally formalized or common-law spouses, parents and children.

The corresponding ID Cards are issued, differentiated by their colors:

  • Red for Heads of Missions and their dependent relatives
  • Bluel for Diplomats and their dependent relatives
  • Green for administrative, technical and service officers and their dependent relatives
  • Yellow for consular staff and their dependent relatives
  • Violet for Honorary Consuls
  • White for national spouses and children over the age of 21 who do not hold diplomatic passports

The last category does not enjoy immunity or privileges.


Accredited personnel in Cuba are authorized the following visas, free of charge:

B-1, Representatives of Government, Diplomatic Agents and their relatives accredited in Cuba

B-2, Administrative, technical and service staff and their relatives accredited in Cuba

For Family Members:

B-3, for family memers who travel as guests of diplomats and officials accredited in Cuba, up to 90 days with one single entry

We also authorize the following visas:

B-4, for diplomats, officials or technicians arriving on Official Missions to carry out internal jobs in embassies, consulates or international agencies

B-5, for diplomats arriving as Diplomatic Couriers

B-6, for government events requested by agencies organizing said events


Guests of the Government:

C-1, for senior level guests of the Government and Party, and of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

C-2, for guests of the Council of Ministers, the National Assembly of the People’s Power (ANPP in its Spanish-language abbreviation), the Young Communist League (UJC), the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) and Central State Bodies.



All officials accredited in Cuba have the right to request concessions both for importation and purchases in Cuba.  According to Law 1089 of 31 December 1962, exemptions for the payment of the tariffs established for the purposes and articles listed therein are authorized, including those subject to special regulations or permits, provided they have the corresponding authorizations of each body.



All accredited officials in Cuba and their spouses have the right to request concessions for:

  • Importing or purchasing a car or a motorcycle in their name
  • Ambassadors have the right to import or purchase in Cuba 2 automobiles and one motorcycle in their names   
  • Recognizing their driver’s license as long as it is a valid one
  • Exporting their automobile at the conclusion of their mission in Cuba