President of Cuban Parliament receives visiting MEPs

Havana, February 1, 2022.- The president of the National Assembly of People's Power (ANPP), Esteban Lazo, today received a delegation of European Parliament members and of the group La Izquierda, who have been visiting the Caribbean island since yesterday.

The meeting took place at the National Capitol (headquarters of the legislative body), which according to the German MEP Martin Schirdewan, heading the group, will allow deepening the political dialogue and strengthen the bilateral relationship of the legislative entities.

Schirdewan described as positive the opportunity to observe during these days the popular consultation on the Family Code, “a process that denies the Western narrative that in Cuba the voice of the people is not heard.”

Referring to the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States against the Caribbean nation, he stressed that it violates human rights, and President Joe Biden has not fulfilled his electoral promise to normalize relations between the two countries.

“We are going to take this message to the European Parliament and we will present another vision of the island. We will send a signal that Cuba is not alone,” he said.

The president of the ANPP, for his part, thanked the systematic condemnation of these representatives of the US siege, experienced by them firsthand, since the CWT travel agency, provider of these services to the European Parliament, denied them the sale of tickets for this trip.

Even so, they managed to overcome the obstacles and it is our wish they can learn more about the model of democracy that the people of Cuba have decided on, genuine and founded on years of struggle for sovereignty, Lazo stressed.

Lazo gave concrete examples of the work of People’s Power and ratified that the Revolution exists because of the support of the vast majority of Cubans.

That explains the failure of the campaigns against Cuba, he explained, adding that the aggressive behavior began in 1959, despite the fact that it was on February 3, 1962 when President John F. Kennedy formalized the blockade against the island. .

Those who block us describe us as a failed state, and have taken advantage of the impact of a pandemic to reinforce the measures of economic suffocation, he said.

The president of the ANPP recalled that Cuba has endorsed 34 international instruments on human rights, and rejected the manipulation of this issue that is exerted on the Caribbean nation. “The achievements in health and education are more than proof of the priority of fundamental human rights on the island,” he said.

The visiting delegation is also made up of MEPs Manu Pineda, Sandra Pereira, Konstantinos Arvanitis, Giorgos Georgiou, Sira Rego, Elena Kountoura, Leïla Chaibi, María Eugenia Rodríguez, and other officials.