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Name: Ivette Martínez Leyva

Date of birth: 10 February 1978

Education: Bachelor of Philosophy, University of Havana, 2000.

Additional education: Advanced Course for Diplomatic Attachés, Raúl Roa Garcia Higher Institute of International Relations, 2002. Diploma course on Public Administration, 2018.

Foreign Language Skills: English and Portuguese

Career history:

2002-2003: Diplomatic Attaché, Specialist of the Division of Communication and Information of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Minrex). 

2003-2004: Diplomatic Attaché of the Cuban Interest Section in Washington.  

2004-2008: Third Secretary in charge of Consular Affairs in the Embassy of Cuba to Peru

2009-2012: Second Secretary, coordinator, Spokesperson Office at the Division of Communication and Image of the Minrex.

2013-2014: First Secretary, Consul General a.i. of the Consulate General of Cuba in São Paulo.

2014- 2016: First Secretary in charge of the Press Office in São Paulo.

2017-2020: Counselor, Head of the Multimedia Department and Legal Substitute of the Head of the Information and Multimedia Services Center of the Minrex.

2020-today: Head of the Information and Multimedia Services Center of the Minrex.

She has been member of delegations attending international events.

Phone Number: 7 8364508
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Wendy Enamorado Rodríguez
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Multimedia Office

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Computer Services Office (24/7)

Coordinator : Manuel Rubido​​​​
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