General Division Of Political Planning

Director General


Name: Gustavo Machín Gómez

Date of birth: 10/12/1961

Education: Bachelor of International Political Relations

Foreign Language Skills: English

Additional education: Course on Internal Control, Diploma course on Public Administration

 Career history:   

1984-1989:    Commercial Office in Panama

1989-1993:    Official, Division of Latin America, MINREX

1993-1995:    Second Secretary, Consular Affairs, Embassy of Cuba to Peru

1995-1997:    Official, Department of the US. MINREX

1997-2002:    First Secretary, SICW

2003-2004:    Deputy Director of the Division of North America, MINREX

2004-2006:    Director of the Division of North America, MINREX

2006-2010:    Ambassador, Embassy of Cuba to Pakistan

2010-2010:    First Secretary, Division of Communication and Information, MINREX

2010-2014:    Director, International Press Center, MINREX

2014-2017:    General Deputy Director, General Division of the United States

2017-2021:    Ambassador, Embassy of Cuba to Spain

2021- today:  Director-General, General Division of Political Planning, MINREX.

Phone Number: 7 836 4111



Laura Martínez

Phone Number: 7 836 4111



Deputy Director General






Date of birth: 

He graduated as 


Further education: 



Phone Number: 7 836 4111



Organization, Planning And Information Division



Full name: Pedro Luis Despaigne González

Date of birth: 25/02/1968

Education: Bachelor of International Political Relations

Additional education: Postgraduate courses: US Politics and Economy; The Agenda of Hemispheric Security; Cuba and the international system of the end of the millennium; From the Gulf to Kosovo; US at the current situation; Venezuela: birth, peak and crisis of the Venezuelan miracle; Public relations: theory and practice. Master´s degree in International Relations. Daily academic course:  lecturer 3rd seminar: Perspectives of Latin America and the Caribbean at the 21st century; Strategic dilemmas of unipolarity; Pedagogy for new professors; Advanced Windows course; Basic course on Humanitarian International Law; Advanced English language; course for Officials; Web layouts; Basic French language course; Basics on Economy.

Career history: 

1994-2001    Information officer, CC PCC

2001-2004    Assistant Professor

2004-2007    Information officer, CC PCC 

2007-2009    Second Secretary, Division of Sub-Saharan Africa, MINREX

2009-2013    Second Secretary, Embassy of Cuba to Nigeria

2013-2013    Second Secretary, Division of Sub-Saharan Africa, (DASS), MINREX

2013-2016    First Secretary, DASS, MINREX

2016-2021    Ambassador, Embassy of Cuba to Ghana

2021-today   Director of Organization, Planning and Information.

Phone Number: 7 836 4409 / 7 836 4450

Strategic Planning and Analysis Division 



Name: Luis Achkienasi Chernak

Date of birth: 3 June 1958

Education: Bachelor of International Relations from the Higher Institute of International Relations, ISRI (1982). Master´s degree in Management Consultancy from the University of Havana (2000)

Language: English.

Additional education: Postgraduate courses and diploma course on topics of security and international law, International Relations and Pedagogy, at different higher education institutions. Refresher course for graduates from the National Defense College (2018).

Career history: 

1987: Official at the Department of Disarmament of the Division of Multilateral Affairs of the MINREX.

1987-1994: Third and Second Secretary of the Permanent Mission of Cuba to the United Nations.

1995-2018: Professor of different higher education institutions, including the Higher Institute of International Relations and the National Defense College. Teaching rank Assistant Professor, from September 2002 until present day.

Coauthor of the books: United States. Internal Dynamics and foreign policy (2003) and World Security Problems (2020, on edition). Author of different theoretical papers and articles on International Relations and International Security.

1997-2000: Researcher and collaborator of the Center for Hemispheric Studies on the United States (CEHSEU) of the University of Havana. 

2019-2020: Specialist at the General Division of Political Planning (DGPP). Rank: Counselor.

2019-2020: Director a.i. of the above Division

Phone Number: 7 836 4409 / 7 836 4450