Europe prepares media marathon against blockade of Cuba

Paris, January 31, 2022.-  The coordinators of the Europe for Cuba channel, José Antonio Toledo and Patricia Pérez, today offered details on the preparations for the media marathon convened on April 2 and 3 to denounce and condemn the U.S. blockade against the island.

In a dialogue with Prensa Latina, they explained that they foresee 24-hour uninterrupted transmissions through social networks, radio, television and the written press, with the contribution of media from different continents, including alternative media.

Each media outlet participating in the marathon against the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed on Cuba will broadcast through its usual platform and with its own characteristics, information on that criminal policy applied by Washington for more than 60 years. They said they will talk about the blockade, its essence and how it affects the people of the Caribbean country.

According to Toledo and Perez, Europe for Cuba will accompany the new solidarity campaign with a special 24-hour program on YouTube and Telegram, which will feature interviews, videos and above all, will give space to the broadcasts of the channels and stations enrolled.

“we have confirmation that most media of the countries of the American continent that will join in the initiative to repudiate the blockade, while we continue to negotiate with friends from different parts of the world to make the condemnation sound with force, they stressed.

Regarding the contents of the program, they insisted on the freedom of each participant in the marathon to contribute with ideas and ways of reaching their audiences with the denunciation, which can consist of testimonies, opinions and expert opinions on a policy that violates International Law, categorically rejected by the UN.

According to the promoters of Europe for Cuba, a platform of solidarity with the island activated in October 2020, social networks offer the valuable opportunity to give space to the public, who can set their position in the chats, so they expect a real-time interaction.

Toledo and Pérez commented that the objectives of the action on April 2 and 3 are to contribute to show the reality of the U.S. blockade and its impact and to take a step towards the unity of action of the forces and people who condemn it on the planet.

As long as Cuba remains blocked, there can be no rest in the world; in the past we have organized caravans and mobilizations, or launched declarations for signature, now we are confident that this media marathon will be a worldwide tribune against the blockade, they affirmed regarding the initiative announced on January 23.