Declaration of the International Coloquium Patria

Casa de las Americas, Havana, March 15, 2022.

Cuba continues, despite of blockades, attacks and lies. The attempts to blockade and isolate it have once again shown that they’ve failes: here are journalists, intellectuals, artists and communicators from several countries gathered at the International Colloquium “Patria” organized by the Union of Journalists of Cuba, held at the Casa de las Américas, in Havana.

Once again, we express our international solidarity and commitment with Cuba, which is facing a policy of economic suffocation and media siege led by the US government. The administration of President Joe Biden maintained the guidelines outlined by his predecessor, Donald Trump, once again emphasizing the bipartisan dimension of the policy against the island.

The consequence of this continuity has been expressed in the absence of relaxation of the blockade even in times of pandemic which, in the case of Cuba, was combined with the necessary sanitary restrictions and, consequently, the closure of international tourism and its income. The bet by Washington, the always coup plotters in Florida, was to use that scenario to launch a destabilizing offensive, as could be seen in 2021.

This offensive was accompanied by an immense international media campaign via social networks, large media, foundations, which prepared, accompanied and maximized the events experienced. The lies, the creation of falsified realities to the point of projecting a situation far removed from what was actually happening, were, as expected, part of the recipe book.

This does not mean ignoring the material difficulties of the population and the internal political challenges. But the economic situation cannot be understood without the blockade that affects life in Cuba across the board: closure of channels for sending remittances, sanctions on those who trade with the island, even the attempt to shut down the media with the impossibility, for example, of use platforms that are in common use in most countries.

It is about the persistence and exacerbation of an aggression that occurs in a context of global crisis and decline of US hegemony. The United States is facing an already evident loss of ability to shape the world according to its strategy and necessity, as evidenced by the recent chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan or the current war in Ukraine.

Cuba is on its feet, as it has been since 1959, with new answers to find, a history to be defended, the doors always open to their sincere friends. This International Colloquium “Patria”, in homage to the 130th anniversary of the founding of José Martí's newspaper, once again shows that Cuba is not alone, it advances, it debates, it is in the Casa de las Americas, the house of the continent, a common and necessary horizon.


Marco Teruggi                      

Daniel David Devita             

Gustavo Javier Arroyo                         

Bruno Lonatti                                       

María Fernanda Ruíz                           

Ana Silvia Fernández 

Javier Couso                    

Ana Hurtado                   

Carlos G. Penalva                        

Orlenys Ortiz

Gustavo Borges Revilla

Heizel Patiño

Jerónimo Zarco

Pedro Santander

Manolo de los Santos

Ben  Becker

Vivian Fernandes

Wafica Mehdi