Cubans living abroad can debate on the Family Code

Havana, Cuba, January 21, 2022.- Cubans living abroad could participate in the debates on the draft Family Code, Ernesto Soberon, director general of consular affairs and Cubans living abroad of the foreign ministry of Cuba, announced today.

Soberon assured that, as it was done during the debate on the new Constitution, Cuban nationals residing abroad will be able to participate in the popular consultation through an interface set up on the website of Nations and Emigration.

There they will be able to find an interface where all Cubans, wherever they are, can access and express their criteria and opinions in relation to the code as many times as they consider necessary, he said.

The web page itself will allow access to the text of the new Family Code, which will be submitted to popular consultation in the country February 1 to April 30.

Soberon acknowledged that one of the aspirations of this initiative is that Cubans from abroad can contribute important criteria to the final conformation of the legislation, based on their experience in different societies.

According to the general director of Consular Affairs and Cubans living abroad of the foreign ministry, the new project is inclusive, aims to address and adapt to the reality of the current Cuban family and includes the transnationality of them.

The popular consultation on the draft of the Family Code will take place in February, March and April, and previously, in January, the electoral authorities of the circumscription, special commissions and information processing groups will be trained.