Cuban Parliament describes the resolution approved by the United States Congress as interference

The US government continues to reinforce the genocidal, economic, commercial and financial blockade, aimed at strangling the national economy and suffocating our people, while increasing subversive actions together with the creation and promotion of political-communication campaigns with which they flood the digital networks to distort our reality, try to provoke destabilization, appear ungovernable, promote chaos and impose a soft blow that ends the Socialist Revolution and its conquests.

 We condemn this new anti-Cuban monstrosity and alert once again to legislators around the world about these plans and about the increase in aggressive and threatening rhetoric used by government officials and members of the US legislature, aimed at justifying a possible new escalation. in the confrontational policy of the United States of America against our country.

 We summon the broad and diverse movement of solidarity with the Cuban Revolution, which reaches all corners of the planet and also has solid bases in the United States of America, as history has shown;  we call in particular to the Associations, Parliamentary Friendship Groups with Cuba and the associations of Cubans residing abroad;  to raise their voices again to demand that the inalienable right of the Cuban people to sovereignly build the type of society they have freely chosen be respected.

 We call on rulers and legislators of that country to listen to the broad sectors of its population who advocate for the end of the blockade and the aggressive policy against Cuba, to establish channels of dialogue and respect between both countries that contribute to the development of exchanges and collaboration in areas of mutual interest and bilateral benefit.

 Cuba will never kneel, nor will it accept orders from any foreign master.

 As expressed by our President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez: «We have a Homeland and we defend Life!  And we continue to be from patria o Muerte ! “

International Relations Commission of the National Assembly of People's Power

November 6, 2021