Consular Formality Procedures

Consular Services:

For specific requirements about fees, forms of payment and long-distance procedures in consular service applications, the official websites of the Consulate or Consular Office where they will be presented or sent must be consulted; the links appear below.

Information of interest:

Cuban Passports have a total duration of 10 years.

Cuban citizens who for some justified reason cannot return to Cuba within the term of 24 months and who wish to keep their migratory status as permanent residents in national territory may apply for an extension to stay for more than 24 months at the Cuban Consulate in the country in which they are located.   This application must be presented one month before the 24 months expire, counted from the date of their last departure from Cuba.

Tourist Visas or Tourist Cards are only issued to foreigners visiting Cuba for pleasure, tourism or recreational purposes, by air or sea.  They are valid for one single entry into Cuba, for a stay of 30 days and renewable for 30 additional days at the bureau in the hotel where they are staying, or before Cuban Immigration authorities.  Under-age foreigners must acquire a personal Tourist Card even if they are recorded on their parent(s) passport(s).

Marriages between foreign citizens or between Cuban citizens and foreign citizens in Cuba are conducted at International Law Offices set up for that purpose.

Documents issued abroad that need to take effect in Cuba for legal formalities, regardless of their nature, must be previously authenticated prior to being presented to the Cuban Consulates to be authenticated and certified by the corresponding authorities of the country where they were issued.

Documents written in foreign languages must be translated into Spanish by an accredited translator. Both originals and translations must be authenticated by the competent authorities of the country where they have been issued and subsequently authenticated (both originals and translations) at the Cuban Consulate.

In cases dealing with the transfer to Cuba of a body or the ashes of a Cuban citizen who died abroad, the interested parties must communicate directly with the nearest Consulate of Cuba to receive information about the formalities and papers involved in such sad circumstances.  

Consular formalities being requested by mail, using a messenger service agency or a third person, will be charged the corresponding fee applying to non-personal formalities.  

Consular Services provided to Cuban Citizens:

Migratory Services

Consular Registration
Passport Renewalt 
Passport Extension 
ID and Travel Documents
Extension of Stays Abroad for longer than 24 months 
Residency Abroad
Passaport Authorization
Aplication for Residency in Cuba
Aplication for Cuban Citizenship

Notary Services

Marriage Transcript
Power of Attorney
Special Power of Attorney

Authorization Deed for a Passport and/or Travel Abroad by Parents or Legal Representatives of Children under the age of 18 or Disabled Persons
Power of Attorney for Marriage
Power of Attorney for Divorce
Inheritance Affidavit Power of Attorney
Birth Certicate Transcript
Death Certificate Transcript
Document Authentication and Certification

Requesting Cuban Documents 

Birth Certificate
Driver's License
Single Status Certificate
Legal Capacity for Marriage Certificate
Criminal Record Certificate
Marriage Certificate
Certification of Divorce Sentence
Certification of Last Wills and Testaments 
Certification of Inheritance Declarations 
Certification of Migratory Movement 
Certification of Foreign Citizen Matters
Certification of Nationality
Certification of Citizenship
Certifications issued by Schools 
Certification  of Death
Locating Whereabouts

Other consular services

Moving Corpses to Cuba

Moving Ashes to Cuba 

Consular Services provided for Foreigners:

Tourist Visa (Tourist Card)
Family Visa 
Journalism Visa
Business Visa 
Other visas
Aplication for Residency in Cuba
Authentication and certification of documents
Marriage in Cuba
Marriage Abroad